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Consigning with Melissa's Boutique is fun and profitable. Consigning at Melissa's Boutique offers the following benefits:
  • 50% pay off (you get 50% of the sale price)
  • immediate email notification of sale and sale price
  • No hold one your money (we pay you as soon as your item sells)
  • Online accounts (you can see all of you consigned items anytime/anywhere)

Steps To Consigning

The first thing to know about consigning is when the clothing consignment seasons begin. Winter clothing consignment begins on July 5th and Summer clothing consignment begins on January 2nd. Certain sizes fill up faster than other so usually after a week please call Melissa before bringing clothing in for consignment.

Before we can accept any consignment clothing the clothing must be freshly laundered and on hangers. If you don't have hangers we can usually provide them for you to hang them while you are in the store.

Please consider that we can not accept all clothing items for resale. Anything that is torn, stained, dirty, or too far out of style can not be accepted.

Once you've brought your clothing in the process usually goes as follows:

  • We create a consigner account with your picture (so we can make sure we pay the right person)
  • Your items are sealed in a plastic bin and placed in the queue
  • Your online consigner account is completed and an automated email is sent with your username and password
  • When it's your turn the bin is openned and each clothing item is photographed
  • Each item is entered into our system
  • Price tags are automatically generated and we put them on the clothing.
  • As each item is tagged it is deployed to our website and placed on the clothing racks
  • As each item sells it is removed from our website and you are sent an email with the final sale price
  • You are free to pick up your money at your convenience
  • To pick up your money please call Melissa and she will have a check waiting for you
  • Any items that don't sell during the season can be picked up or it will be sold on clearance
  • Our clearance prices get progressively lower and if something doesn't sell at deep discount it can be picked up or donated
  • Typically if 100 items are consigned are around 90 are sold at full market price, 9 will be sold on clearance and 1 will be donated(please note that there really is no way to know what or why some items just don't sell).

To contact Melissa
email: melissa@melissasboutique.com